Welcome again to the Vicdoris e-Store where we bring you convenience in pharmaceutical services.

If you are here it is obvious that you would like to know how to start and complete an order on the e-Store.

Below is a step by step guide to help you do just that.


Visit the homepage of the Vicdoris e-Store

Click on Sign Up to register as a first time user

Or Click on Login if you are a registered user


After Clicking on sign up, fill in your personal information.

Note that every information will be verified.

Entering false information will lead to account deletion


Complete your registration process by filling in your Email, Username and Password

Note: Your Username and Password will be required for login


After login, you will be redirected to the Accounts area where you will have the option to view products in the following categories:

Retail:Note that quantities ordered for will be reviewed and approved by the pharmacist in charge. Only Over the Counter medicines are found in this section. For prescription medicines refer to the Prescription link.

Prescription: Note that you will be required to upload your prescription from a recognised health facility which will be reviewed and approved by the pharmacist in charge

Wholesale: Note that only buyers who prove themselves to be agents, staff or reps of a registered company will have their orders fulfilled.


After clicking on View Cart, you have the ability to specify the quantity needed. Click on Update Cart if this is done.

At this point, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to complete your order

Proceed to Checkout


At the Checkout stage fill in your address details and click on PLACE ORDER

In case you are ordering for a Prescription drug, you are required to upload a picture of your prescription in the file upload section before you click on PLACE ORDER

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